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information on bicycling at JMU
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Choosing a bike

Finding a bicycle can be a challenge. With a bit of information, you can make a good decision . Read more to decide on a check list for purchasing a bicycle.


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Best locks

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bike rack

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Evaluate your skills

Bike Education

If you haven’t bicycled in a long time, and you want to bring a bike to JMU, you can have someone evaluate your current skill level and offer you some drills you can try to improve your abilities and your confidence.

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for riding on streets

Bike repair

If you’ve brought a bike to JMU, and you find that your chain is rusting, or you can’t figure out how to put air in the tires, you can stop by the bike repair shop at the UREC. Check for current hours. .

bicycling groups in the Shenandoah valley

If you’re looking for a welcoming bicycling community, you’ve moved to the right place. At JMU, you can join a bicycling club, and in Harrisonburg, you’ll find a group of riders calling rides often through the SVBC (the Shenandoah Valley Bicycling Coalition

Bicycling at JMU

If you’re looking for a group of riders you can find riders at all levels at JMU .

SVBC calling rides

No matter the season, the SVBC offers rides, whether road or mountain bicycling.

bike rental at JMU

If you don’t know whether you would like to ride a bike to get between classes, rent one for a week. The UREC offers rentals that are low in cost.


commute information


Commuting from a distance

UREC — locker rental/showers



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